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Thunder Pidgin

Datta. Dayadhvam. Damyata. Quack.

7 January 1969
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David Sklar grew up in Michigan, where the Michipeshu nibbled his toes when Lake Superior was feeling frisky. Publications in 2014 include the anthology Trafficking in Magic/Magicking in Traffic, coedited with Sarah Avery (Tales from Rugosa Coven), in May of 2014 from Fantastic Books, the October re-release of David’s debut novel Shadow of the Antlered Bird from Eggplant Literary Productions. His work has also appeared in such places as Strange Horizions, Ladybug, and Scheherazade’s Façade. David lives in New Jersey with his wife, their two barbarians, and a secondhand familiar, all of whom he almost supports as a freelance writer and editor.
For more about David and his work, please visit http://davidwriting.com